Getting Started With Server Widgets

Starting with Server Widgets API is easy. The required resources are:

1. An account on with the role "server_widgets_provider" assigned to your account. This account will be used as the resources for setting the owner peer of new created widgets.  

2. Developer account on this website. You can register here.  

3. Chrome plugin. Click here to install. 


To make it easy please send us an Email and we would love to set all of these resources for you. In the Email please specify the Email you would like to use for the account. This must be valid Email since account confirmation message will be send to this address. Once ready you will get an Email with all the details required for making API calls. 

For the purpose of experimenting with the API prior to creating the resources specified above  you can use rhe following details:


APP_ID =  "server_widgets"

Owner peer details: id = ""

The next step is creating new widget by making HTTP request to the API. Take a look at code example.

If you are using the demo details, you can set your own Email as the target peer.  Once widget will be created you will get invitation link. This is the link you need to send for your customer. Put the link in a browser address field and click enter. If this is the first time the following occur:

1. An account is created for your automatically on This account is assigned with the role ""cg_client". A role that allow users to create sharing relationships with each other. 

2. Email with account details will be sent to your Email. Following the reset password procedure. Yu will later need to login in order to see the widget.

3. You will be redirected to the website where widget was shared.

4. A popup will be presented to you, asking you to login - This is where you need the user/password.

5. You will see the widget upon login and refresh the connection wth the account.