Android Client API

This book provide code examples and technical instructions of using the Android Client Library of Content Glass.
The Android Client library is the content glass client API for developing State Oriented Sharing apps (SOSA) running on Android devices.
This include mobile and werable and we plan to create set of basic widgets for each of these environments.


Using this API you will be able to:

  1. Install the Content Glass engine into your apps and add Content Glass finctionality.
  2. Create dedicated State Oriented Sharing apps for Android.
  3. Create installable libraries of custom widgets that based on Android native UI as well as WebView.
  4. Integrate your app with added value services for allowing mutual interaction with Widgets.


Project status: CG Android Client library prototype is now in R&D and its first reference apps & code is planned to be launch on august.

This book is currently under construcion