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CG API is intend to be provided for multiple environments to support the creation of state oriented sharing apps.
Developers can also extend CG social-tools with their own custom widgets.
Content Glass is a platform for developing contextual sharing apps – State Oriented Sharing Apps (SOSA).
Contextual Sharing apps let the user share widgets in relation with state of objects or things in the world.
Shared content represented by widgets and can vary starting from a simple text up to sophisticated applications.
Sharing context in a state of some "object" and is represented by multiple dimensions. Each state provide a layer for sharing widgets on.
Apps are able to render shared content over multiple layers related with multiple contextual sharing states. CG intend to provide an API in multiple programing languages and for multiple environments.
CG apps can be used by many markets: Social-Networks, Ecommerce, Advertising, Automobile, Lifestyle, Medical software, Search engines, Virtual consulting and more...
CG is PCT patent-pending technology.
What is Content Glass?
"State Oriented Sharing" is the term that we use to describe the action of sharing content in relation with defined state of some context, some objects or something.
The objects and things that are used as the sharing context can be virtual, physical or physiological.
Here are few examples for objects and things that can be used as the sharing context and the related patterns for determining their state:
  • Web page: state may be set by page URL.
  • Web domain: state is set by the domain part of the URL.
  • Product in the supermarket or shop: state may be set by bar-code.
  • Location: state may be set by GPS location details.
  • Heartbeat rate: state may be set by physical measurement of the hearbeat.
State oriented sharing is therefore sharing content (basic or complex) in relation with a state of some context – a state of sharing context.
Content Glass API can be used to create tools and applications that share content in the form of widgets, as related with sharing context states and in the scope of defined peers-group (or public scope).
Content Glass API is multidimensional contextual sharing technology.
It means that object state can define by combination of multiple dimensions, and it also means that various states represent by layers of data that may overlap or not.
What is State Oriented Sharing?
A widget is a stand-alone application that can be embedded into a third party website by any user, on page where they have rights of authorship, e.g. a webpage, blog or profile on a social media site.
Widgets allow users to turn personal content into dynamic web apps that can be shared on websites where the code (Content Glass API) can be installed.
Throughout this description the term "widget" or "content widget" refer to a single content item presented on a specific glass.
The exact technology of drawing the widget may vary between glasses.
What is widget?
The Glass module is a software module that allow CG widgets to interrelate with some context based on identified states of the underlying context. In terms of programing one can think of Glass module as a container for loading other modules provided by CG Client API.
What is a Glass?